Emergency Lighting | Sirens| Controllers

Whelen Engineering –a global leader in the emergency warning industry –has been trusted to perform since 1952. Whelen designs and manufactures reliable and powerful warning lights, white illumination lighting, sirens, controllers, and high-powered warning systems for Automotive, Aviation (Whelen Aerospace Technologies – WAT), and Mass Notification industries worldwide.

Emergency Lighting

Whelen Lightbars

Whelen provided emergency lighting solutions to police departments, fire departments and first responders. Our solutions include; lightbars, lightheads, dash deck visor, white illumination, beacons, traffic advisor, and accessoories.


Whelen Sirens

With a focus on optimal sound clarity, our auditory warning products demand attention. Our products include; Howler, 295 Series, SA315 Series, SA314 Series, Alpha Siren Series, Beta Siren Series, WSSC Siren, Siren Speakers, Bumber Mount Speaker, Gamma Siren Series, and Power Air Horn Series.

Full Vehicle Control Systems

CenCom Core™

Whelen CenCom Core

Featuring the greatest configurability, speed, and expansion yet, CenCom Core™ is a system created to enhance officer safety with advanced automation and remote connectivity. 


  • All-new design allows for access to every connector and fuse from the top of the box
  • WeCanX™, our newest CAN-based communication system provides true system synchronization, greater speed capabilities, expanded peripheral add-ons, and full support of diagnostics
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Sync automatically synchronized lights and tones on multiple vehicles
  • Dynamic Variable Intensitypatternsgradually increase or decrease the output intensity for nighttime emergency scenes
  • Advanced Customization with support of 99 WeCanX devices, allowing you to customize Core in ways never before possible in a control system
  • Supports remote firmware updates via USB-C with Whelen Command™, our newest programming software

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