Lightning Protection

Eliminate The Threat of Lightning Damage at Your Facility or Campus

The Most Advanced Lightning Protection in the World!

EMP Solutions CMCE-55

The CMCE models are the newest line of home and marine lightning Protection. By balancing the electrical field, the CMCE can protect your home and boat by eliminating lightning strikes. The CMCE unit mounts to the highest point on your home or boat and eliminates the natural elements needed for a lightning strike to occur.

Simple Technology With Amazing Results!

Commercial | Residential | Marine

Lightning strikes are dangerous, violent, and unpredictable. Our lightning suppressors stops lightning from forming, within a protected space. Our technology takes to concept of Lightning Rods (invented by Ben Franklin in the 1700's) to a new level. We use a process called deionization. Our lightning suppressor deionizes the ground and objects within a space and diverts the positive and negative charges that normally create lightning into the ground in the form of harmless milliamps.

Finest Materials
High Quality Aluminum & Methylcrylate

Durable Construction
Backed by a 10 Year Warranty

Easy to Transfer Moving?
No problem, take it with you.

Incredible Coverage
A single device covers over 100,000 sq ft

Ultra Reliable Protection
100% Guaranteed to Stop Lightning

Affordable Easy
Financing Available

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  • Prevents Lightning From Striking
  • Protects Homes, Boats, Businesses & More
  • Less Expensive Than Traditional Systems
  • 100% Effective & Guaranteed
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Protect your tower, your site, your facility with the most advanced lightning protection in the world
  • Highest Quality Materials, Ultra Reliable Performance, Large Coverage Area
  • 100% guarantee
  • Thousands of units installed, no reported strikes
  • A Simple, Durable, Effective Solution
  • Two-Way Radio, Inc. has installed this system at The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, the U.S. Tennis Association National Campus in Orlando, Multiple 911 centers, Schools, Homes, and more.
  • Two-Way Radio, Inc. partners with EMP Solutions Incorporated to offer this solution.
  • EMP Solutions is the leading expert in this field.

Protection For Sporting Events

Protect your fans, your team, your staff, and your vendors from the perils of lightning strikes.

  • Football Stadiums
  • Soccer Stadiums
  • Baseball Stadiums
  • Tennis Facilities
  • College Stadiums
  • Outdoor Concerts

It's Not Just for Large Facilities

Our lightning suppressor technology is used by many local communities.

  • Local Parks
  • Soccer Fields
  • Little League Baseball Fields
  • Little League Football Fields
  • Boat Owners and Marinas
  • Schools
  • Residential Homes

Protect Your Mission Critical Infrastructure

Our CMCE lighting suppression units can be mounted of two-way radio towers, cell phone towers, and tower sites. Protect your critical communications equipment and infrastructure from lightning damage and prevent outages with your customers.

  • 911 Centers
  • Airports
  • Power-plants and the Electrical Grid
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • Two-way Radio Towers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

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Cincinnati Reds 1st Base Line

Cincinnati Reds 1st Base Line

Cincinnati Reds 3rd Base Line

Cincinnati Reds 3rd Base Line

911 Public Safety Installation

911 Public Safety Installation

Light Tower Installation

Light Tower Installation

USTA Installation

USTA Installation

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