Two Way Radio, Inc. has been serving clients in Virginia since 1948.
    We have proud to let you know that we have opened a location in Roanoke.
    We will be providing full Motorola Solutions sales and service support.


    Public Safety

    To Police Departments, Fire Departments and First Responders


    Motorola SL300

    The MOTOTRBO SL300 provides reliable push-to-talk communication for the mobile,
    everyday user in an ultra-slim and rugged profile. Whether you're coordinating a school
    event or working in the field, the SL300 is boldly designed to keep you efficiently connected.


    Dispatch Solutions

    We can help manage and maintain your two way radio system.
    We also offer two-way dispatch services.

Providing Superior Wireless Solutions For Over 60 Years

Serving Virginia, West Virginia
and Eastern Tennessee.


Upgrade Your RadiosTo MOTOTRBO Digital

Digital radios from Motorola offer many advantages over analog, including improved voice quality with greater coverage, better privacy, better battery life and more. That's why it's critical to consider digital migration now - so when you're ready to upgrade, you'll choose a system with the greatest benefits for the long term.

Upgrade Your Radio To Digital

Better Battery Life

Battery life is a big challenge for all mobile devices. But because digital technology is much more energy-efficient than analog, it reduces battery drain and improves talk time. Count on your battery to last up to 40% longer when you use a digital radio.

Greater Coverage

While all radio signals grow fainter as they go further out, the voice quality on analog radios degrades much more quickly. At the far edge of coverage, even though signal strength is similar, digital voice will be clear and intelligible while analog voice will be garbled and masked by static.

Enhanced Features

Including Bluetooth, Over the air programing using Wi-Fi and Apps Marketplace.

See The Latest Enhanced Radios

Find out more about Motorola Solutions best selling MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios. See the latest enhanced radios with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Motorola XPR 3500e

Motorola XPR 3500e

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, you’re better connected, safer and more efficient. XPR 3000e Series radios connect you more efficiently and effectively wherever you work.

View Motorola XPR 3500e

Motorola SL 7550e

Motorola SL 7550e

With integrated voice and data, the SL 7000e Series delivers operations-critical communications. Bluetooth® lets you talk without wires, while also enabling precise indoor location-tracking. […]

Check Out Motorola SL 7550e

Motorola XPR 7550e

Motorola XPR 7550e

The XPR 7000e Series radios connect you completely to make seamless voice and data an everyday reality. Bluetooth lets you talk and work freely without wires in the way. Bluetooth data enables you to send […]

View the Motorola XPR 7550e

Why Our Clients Work With Us

Two Way Radio Inc., is headquartered at 1300 West Ridge Street, Wytheville, Va. We have been located at the same address since 1954. With just over 20 employees in the corporate office and five satellite shops, our company is a certified Small Business under the U.S Government P.A.S.S. Act.
Micro Business Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity SWAM 657096
VA Contractors License 2701026226
WV Contractors License WV014229


We are proud to be Virginia owned. We support our local community with good paying jobs.


We have been serving our local community for over 60 years.


Our highlt skilled factory trained technicians are also licensed by state and federal agencies.

Industries We Serve

We serve commercial and public safety customers in Virginia, West Virginia and Eastern Tennessee. We work with the folowing industries; Construction, Educations, Fire and EMS, Healthcare, Hospitality, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Retail, Transportation, and Utilities.

Education Solutions


Find out about our solutions for schools, colleges and universities.

Oil and Gas Solutions

Oil and Gas

Find out about our intrinsically safe folution for the oil and gas industry.

Law Enforcement Solutions

Law Enforcement

Find out about our latest solutions for police officers, including Body-worn cameras.

Our Partners

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