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Motorola XPR 4550 Parts and Accessories

Motorola Original and Motorola Certified Accessories expand the capabilities of your radio and create a truly customized communication solution for your organization. Motorola accessories are system-tested with Motorola radios to ensure optimum performance.

RMN5052 Compact Microphone
RMN5065 Keypad Microphone with Enhanced Audio
RMN5053 Heavy Duty Microphone with Enhanced Audio

Handsfree Accessories:
RMN5054 Visor Microphone with Enhanced Audio
RLN5929 Emergency Footswitch
RLN5926 Push Button PTT

Mounting Accessories:
RLN5933 In Dash (DIN) Mounting Kit
RLN6077 Low Profile Trunnion Kit (this is the trunnion kit that ships standard with the radio
(RLN6076), but is packaged for standalone sales)
RLN6078 High Profile Trunnion Kit
RLN6079 Key Lock Trunnion Kit
HLN9073 Microphone Hang-Up Clip (all microphones)
HLN9414 Universal Hang-Up Clip (all microphones)
HKN9557 PL259/Mini-U Antenna Adapter - 8' Cable

RSN4004 5 Watt External Speaker
RSN4003 7.5 Watt External Speaker
RSN4002 13 Watt External Speaker

RKN4136 Ignition Sense Cable
HKN4137 Power Cable to Battery (10 feet, 15 amp)
HKN4192 Power Cable to Battery (20 feet, 20 amp)

Control Station Accessories:
HPN4007 Power Supply and Cable (25-60 Watt Models)
GKN6266 Power Supply Cable (works with GPN6145 Power Supply)
GPN6145 Switchmode Power Supply (1-25 watt models)
RMN5050 Desktop Microphone
RSN4005 Desktop Tray with Speaker
GLN7318 Desktop Tray without Speaker
HKN9088 Mobile Mini-U Antenna Adapter - 8 Ft. Cable
PMLN5072 Hardware Kit for Rear Accessory Connector

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